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Amibroker Chat / Amibroker for Forex
« on: May 18, 2015, 03:48:24 am »
Hi to all,
I have a problem when I run backtest in Amibroker For forex EurUsd.
1) Ask Price : I have downloaded data by Tick Data Downloader... I have imported 1 minute Bar...but my data has only Bid Price... How Can I consider also ask Price?? So When I buy I use askPrice and when I sell I use bidPrice.
2) I want to include the concept of spread in my backtest...1-2 pips of spread per trade.
3)I want to include the concept of sleepage in my backtest...I want to add 1-2 pips of slippage for trade
4)Is it Possible loading Tick Data in AmiBroker by Tick Data Downloader??? How Can I do it?

Thanks to all.

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