Author Topic: Lower Time frame Value to higher Time frame  (Read 1479 times)


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Lower Time frame Value to higher Time frame
« on: July 12, 2017, 01:13:42 pm »
Hi All,
I am new to the forum and Amibroker Coding.

I  am looking to
Plot          :plot "Sell" text on the hourly chart, it is the same graph on which I have price candles plotted
Condition : if on the 5 min chart Rsi 14 falls below 50
I want to do this using a function with an include option.

I have tried a few things.
function rsicheck()
rsivalue = LastValue(RSI(14));

if(rsivalue < 50)
PlotText("Sell "+ rsivalue, LastValue(BarIndex())-20,LastValue(hprice)+10,colorRed);

if(rsivalue > 51)
PlotText("buy "+rsivalue, LastValue(BarIndex())-20,LastValue(hprice)+10,colorGreen);

I am calling this function in another alf which has #include <>
there I am doing


Some how the values are not matching.

PLs help.