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Hi guys, im a noob
« on: February 10, 2017, 11:47:43 pm »
Hi, I recently discovered AmiBroker and have had a quick look over it and think that it might just be final piece to a puzzle I created myself (can elaborate on this puzzle at a later time.) I just want to point out that as a noob my lack of understanding of the program it self may cause me to ask "silly" questions so please bear with me. Speaking of silly questions here's the first one, which forum should I post questions relating to using/learning AFL code or just questions about the capabilities of AmiBroker when creating my own custom indicators I wish to create?

Thank you, Jeb.

EDIT: I have programming experience in php & SQL which I used to create a set of formulas (on delayed prices) that appear to be 95% accurate (when tested) which I wish to try use in AmiBroker, hoping that database creation is something I can do with this program. A lot of my questions will probably be in relation to finding the AFL equivalent to the scripts I already have written. cheers
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