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Data time stamp/zone issues
« on: August 12, 2013, 12:44:22 pm »
I live in GMT+8 time zone without any daylight saving scheme & want to chart US stock/futures data which has daylight saving. I use IB data, which I understand from AB Support, uses my local PC time for quotes' time stamp. This condition creates the problem for me: every time US changes time (EST & EDT), my data is out of sync with the exchange.
I know that one can use AB Group setting to define the RTH & ETH hours but this doesn't solve the problem either. Even if I create 2 Groups (1 for EST & 1 for EDT), & move the symbols to the respective Group after each daylight saving change, the earlier portion of the data would still have incorrect stamp.

A possible "solution" is to set my computer time to US time zone, but I don't know what repercussion this would have. Could anyone with this experience tell me the best way to solve this issue?
If I were to change my PC to US time zone & later want to add other time zone instruments (eg Japan), what difficulty would I face then?

Thanks for any advise.